"When we no longer are able to change a situation, we are challenged
to change ourselves"  
Viktor Frankl

Where Passion Meets People

Passionate about the service industry and with over ten years of professional experience, we support organizations and their team members to develop a company culture, where teams feel safe, engaged and empowered to do their best work. 

We design workshops, training and coaching to fit each individual need, combining the emotional and practical skills required for your team to feel empowered and drive business success. 

Our focus areas are quality management, organizational and team development.

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How we work


Hands-on Expertise

We work with practical examples, experienced-based techniques and a hands-on, co-creational approach to problem solving.

Together as individuals 

We love teamwork, but we also know that each individual needs to feel empowered and engaged, and should be given the space to develop ideas indepently. 

Popcorn's Toolbox

We provide a toolbox filled with a variety of methods and techniques,  that can be applied, when it comes to enabling teams and supporting individual productivity.

Individuality counts

We create tailormade concepts and solutions for your individual challenges and requirements.