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About us

We’ve known each other for over two decades and share a common passion for both people and the service sector. Our years of experience working together has made us a well-rehearsed team, and is what prompted us to begin on this collaborative project in 2019. We are able to work either alone or in integrated ways, with individuals or in groups, on and off the job.


As a Systemic Coach and professional facilitator, it is my passion to get to the heart of what drives exceptional performance, to inspire teams and individuals to realize their full potential. For me it is important to make changes with an approach that combines self-reflection and purposeful action.

I aim to create experienced-based learning journeys that teach essential soft skills to bring an engaging workplace culture into life. A place where people climb toward the best version of themselves and are happy. 

I have worn many different hats within the luxury hotel business, including Sales, Human Resources & People Development, Quality Assurance and Hotel Management.  I celebrate individual uniqueness while maximizing organizational performance.

Diploma and complementary training

  • Certified Systemic Coach, Association for Systemic Therapy and Consulting in Munich ( GST in Munich, Germany)

  • Certified Design Sprint Facilitator, AJ & Smart  (Berlin, Germany)

  • Certified Process Design & Facilitator, Hyper Island (Stockholm, Sweden)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance (Connecticut, USA)

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program 2023 by Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield  (The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, USA)

  • BA in Business Psychology (Cologne, Germany)

  • Apprenticeship in Hotel Management (Hamburg, Germany)




As a graduate of the world’s leading hotel management school, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, and with extensive experience in event management and hotel operations,

I am extremely passionate about any and all matters relating to service and quality. 

Awarded “Inspirational Leader of the Year 2016” by Rocco Forte Hotels, I enjoy motivating and empowering people to bring their service to the next level and maximize customer satisfaction. I am truly convinced that with the perfect balance of guidance, enthusiasm and strategic selling methods, we can encourage people to exceed both their own and their clients’ expectations.​



Diploma and complementary training & awards

  • Certified Design Sprint Facilitator, AJ & Smart  (Berlin, Germany)

  • Inspirational Leader Award 2016 by Rocco Forte (Munich, Germany)

  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (Lausanne, Switzerland)

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