What we do

Using our hospitality background as foundation, we offer our consultation, training and facilitation across the service industry. 

Our programs focus on emotional intelligence, communication skills and on how to exceed costumor expections. This results in a cohesive program where employees understand their role and impact and customer satisfaction is reflected in positive recommendations, loyalty, and increased survey results. 


Quality management has become a most important focus during the pandemic. Any business that serves others need to pay close attention to a consistent safety protocol, taking over responsibility for team members, customers and at the same time offer a positive experience for everybody.

We identify shortfalls, gaps and obstacles, and create your individual strategy for quality assurance and training, in order to drive results and establish service excellence.



We design training and workshops to fit each individual need, combining the emotional and practical skills required for your team to feel empowered and drive business success. Throughout our workshops and trainings, we offer experienced-based learning journeys that teach most important soft skills to create an engaging workplace.  After our workshops, your teams will work more efficiently, feel happier, have more engagement in their goals and tasks, and be able to communicate more effectively. 

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It is only when we have a sense of who we are that we find our whole potential, gain a clearer picture of our goals, and make reliable decisions. We believe that the actions of those in charge define the culture of a company. It is about enabling and coaching individuals and teams and promoting a sense of community, where everyone can have ideas and feel valued. Let us pave the way for you and your team to thrive! 

Hands-on Expertise

We work with practical examples, experienced-based techniques and a hands-on, co-creational approach to problem solving.

Together as individuals 

We love teamwork, but we also know that each individual needs to feel empowered and engaged, and should be given the space to develop ideas indepently. 

Popcorn's Toolbox

We provide a toolbox filled with a variety of methods and techniques,  that can be applied, when it comes to enabling teams and supporting productivity.

Individuality counts

We create tailormade concepts and solutions for your individual challenges and requirements.


How we work