Systemic Coaching & Mindfulness Training

I offer systemic coaching and mindfulness training to individuals, couples and small groups in german and english.


Systemic coaching enables a new encounter with your own personality, your team or superiors. "Everything is related to everything." Humans cannot act and feel detached from their private as well as professional reference systems.


In my practice I will support you to develop and implement goals. The conflicts along the way are usually as important as the guidelines for the goal itself. The route is the goal!


I will help you establishing mindfulness and presence in your daily life, by using different techniques, e.g. systemic coaching approach, mindful meditation and breathing techniques.

Especially during a crisis in any form, it becomes important to draw on our inner strength, take a breath and center ourselves, instead of getting caught up in fear and anxiety. It is the time to pause, reflect and bring courage, wisdom and care to ourselves and those around us. Each of us can contribute to the well-being of ourselves, our communities and our world. 


"Most of us spent our lives caught up in plans, expectations, ambitions for the future; in regrets, guilt or shame about the past. To come in to the present is to stop the war" 


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